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Mohamed is an accomplished lawyer with extensive experience advising both private and government clients. He has developed particular expertise in corporate, banking, and finance laws and regulations over the years.


Mohamed began his career at a well-established law firm in Tripoli, where he provided legal representation and advice across a spectrum of legal matters. He then assumed the role of an in-house legal counsel for a prominent insurance company. This experience sharpened his knowledge and allowed him to navigate the unique legal intricacies of the insurance industry effectively.


Mohamed’s experience also includes working as a legal counsel for a major commercial bank. In this capacity, he delved into the complexities of banking and finance laws, offering sound legal advice that contributed to the bank's success in staying compliant with regulatory standards.


Mohamed's extensive experience and specialised knowledge make him a valuable asset to our firm. His deep understanding of corporate and financial law enables him to provide clients with strategic and well-informed legal guidance.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Law, The Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies.

  • LLB, University of Tripoli.


  • The Libyan Bar Association.

  • Arabic.

  • English (intermediate).

Mohammed Esmail


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