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Human rights, Government & Non-Government Organisations

Human rights, Government & Non-Government Organisations

We provide services that make a difference.


We regularly advise on matters of human rights, government, and non-government organisations. We understand the unique legal landscape surrounding these areas and are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support. Whether you are a government organisation or an NGO operating in Libya, count on us to deliver expert advice tailored to your specific needs and challenges. 

Our key accomplishments include:


  • Advising an international NGO on various legal aspects of its activities in Libya.

  • Guiding an international NGO in implementing a specific project in the field of transitional justice.

  • Assisting an international organisation in the development of several bespoke draft legislations in the areas of corporate law, public-private partnerships, and secured transactions.

  • Providing guidance to an international judicial entity on specific aspects of Libyan criminal laws and procedures.

  • Providing legal guidance to a government body in creating internal policies aligned with Libyan laws and regulations.


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